Season work in Finland

When applying for seasonal jobs

For example strawberry season offers different kinds of jobs – you could start early in the spring or in the summer. Work consist of tiding, planting, picking, sales preparation, packing, taking care of plants and fields.

Strawberry picking starts at the end of June and in some parts of Finland in July, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on employee needs of the farms along the season. Some varieties are harvested in August. Beginning of the fall there is preparing work for next season. In the fall also begins the harvesting and packing of for example root vegetables and there could be work available until December.

If the employer offers accommodation, ask for details from the farm. The farms are often situated far from village centers so there is a need for organized shopping trips etc.

There will be a hub where to find farms and see what kinds of seasonal jobs (and when) they have. Stay tuned!

When you apply, at least tell the following things of yourself:

  • Name and age
  • County of origin (if there is a need for work permit process)
  • Previous experience and/or skills for this job
  • When are you available
  • Do you need accommodation
  • Why are you applying for this job

You can find more jobs through public employment services:

Every foreigner has the same rights at work as Finnish citizens

Employee's rights and obligations in Finland

In Finland an employee has the right to:

  • remuneration in accordance with the collective agreement and other minimum provisions
  • the protection provided by acts and contracts
  • join a union
  • a healthy and safe working environment

An employee has the obligation to:

  • perform their work carefully
  • observe the agreed-upon working hours
  • follow the instructions of the management
  • decline from activities which compete with those of the employer
  • keep business and trade secrets
  • take into account the employer’s interests

Employee rights in different languages:


Get to know Finnish farms (subtitles in English)