Working in Finland

Please take notice that there are restrictions of worker mobility at the moment!

Please take notice that the mobility of work force is restricted at the moment. There is no possibility to hire workers from abroad because of the mobility restrictions due to COVID-19 situation. 

For more information, check out the FAQ site at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland here, check this information also if you are already in Finland. New permits are not processed at the moment. 

Work permits

The right to work in Finland is determined by one’s nationality. An employee who is not a citizen of an EU country, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland usually needs either a residence permit for an employed person or another type of residence permit which entitles for gainful employment. Some tasks specified in the Aliens Act may be performed for a limited period of time with a visa or fully exempted from visa.

A good place to start is the online service of the Finnish Immigration Service. There you can apply for a residence permit or for Finnish citizenship or seasonal work permit online:

In Finland an employee has the right to:

  • remuneration in accordance with the collective agreement and other minimum provisions
  • the protection provided by acts and contracts
  • join a union
  • a healthy and safe working environment

An employee has the obligation to:

  • perform their work carefully
  • observe the agreed-upon working hours
  • follow the instructions of the management
  • decline from activities which compete with those of the employer
  • keep business and trade secrets
  • take into account the employer’s interests

Learn more about the collective agreement in the field of agriculture (wages etc.)

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