Welcome to Finland and Finnish countryside!

Various information to help you to settle in - please take notice of the current restrictions of worker or other mobility!

Please take notice that the mobility of work force is restricted at the moment. There is no possibility to hire new workers from non-EU countries at the moment because of the mobility restrictions due to COVID-19 situation. 

For more information, check out the FAQ site at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland here, check this information also if you are already in Finland. 


In Finland there is a close symbiosis between rural areas and urban areas of Finland. The multidimensional interaction benefits both parties. This interaction, symbiosis, is vital for the Finnish society. Many Finnish companies are situated in rural areas and the Finnish countryside offers lots of possibilities for working, living and entrepreneurship. The citizens of Finland are aging and there is a growing need for services, enabling also living at home in the countryside. On the other hand agriculture and forestry need skillfull manual labour and there is a labour shortage.


On this site you will find job opportunities in agriculture, forestry and also other industries. Public employment services provide useful information and also wide variety of open positions at: http://www.te-palvelut.fi/te/en/index.html 

For more information about tourism industry in Finland, check out material at: https://moodoflearning.com/course-category/courses_in_english/  


Learn more about Finland and moving to Finland in your language: https://www.infofinland.fi/


Employee’s rights and obligations


In Finland an employee has the right to:

  • remuneration in accordance with the collective agreement and other minimum provisions
  • the protection provided by acts and contracts
  • join a union
  • a healthy and safe working environment

An employee has the obligation to:

  • perform their work carefully
  • observe the agreed-upon working hours
  • follow the instructions of the management
  • decline from activities which compete with those of the employer
  • keep business and trade secrets
  • take into account the employer’s interests

Learn more about the collective agreement in the field of agriculture (wages etc.) 

Learn more about the Finnish society - as a symbiosis between rural and urban areas
Key statistics

  • Finland has 48,000 farms with an average arable area of 47 hectares. Of these, about 12 % are organic farms.
  • Dairy farming is the largest agricultural sector in terms of turnover. The agricultural sales revenue total was EUR 2.2 billion, of which milk accounts for 40 %.  
  • In terms of land use grain production is the largest sector in Finland. Next comes production of other crops and grassland.  
  • Almost 90 % of Finnish farms belong to an official agri-environmental programme.  
  • The average age of farmers is 52 years. Our farmers are young compared to European colleagues.
  • Agriculture and horticulture provide employment for 100,000 people. The food sector employs 240,000 people, from production input industry to retailing.
  • The retail market in Finland is highly concentrated. The two biggest retailers have a market share of 83 %.
  • Finland has long traditions in plant and animal breeding. Local breeding has been vital for the evolving local food production and in the future, it will respond to the new challenges of farming.

Source: Luke, Statistics Finland, Kantar TNS 2017